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New AOPEN Chrome devices offer enterprise-grade performance at an affordable price


New York, 17 January 2017 - Two new powerful and innovative AOPEN Chrome devices, from one of the leading commercial* Chrome device manufacturers, are set to drive customer experience in 2017.


The AOPEN Chromebase Mini and Chromebox Mini devices are part of a new enterprise range aimed at bringing enterprise reliability and features at an affordable price.


The Chromebase Mini is an enterprise-ready interactive 10.1-inch all-in-one touchscreen solution. It’s designed to be managed with ease, reliability, and security - making it ideal for high-traffic enterprise environments including digital signage, POS, self-service kiosks, digital corporate communication, and AV room control.


The second device, the Chromebox Mini, is the smallest Chromebox on the market today and also runs on the Chrome OS platform. It is solid state and can be used as an SME or enterprise desktop replacement hosting IOT applications, digital signage and kiosks and affording greater control of in-store engagement.


Stephen Borg, Global Chief Digital Officer AOPEN Group, says: the devices represent a major leap forward in design - allowing a ubiquitous approach to multiple use cases, rapid application development, and ease of use for the signage, kiosk, POS, and other enterprise markets.


AOPEN designed its new Chrome OS device line to empower the customer by servicing a wide range of verticals and needs, says Borg. They are fully enterprise-ready in terms of product longevity and reliability, ease of large deployment, remote access, and service.


Chromebase Mini

The Chromebase Mini, an all-in-one 10.1-inch solution, does not require a kiosk protective case, is waterproof and tamperproof unlike like a consumer touch device.


The enterprise-ready all-in-one touch device supports audio-video conference platforms, such as Google Hangouts. It offers mounting options for A/V or desktop use (including a built-in Vesa Mount stand), high-quality camera and audio, and a dual microphone. The chromebase mini is also accompanied by optional accessories such as recess wall mounts, POE adapters, and adapters to mount various payment solutions.


The Chromebase Mini achieves both customer and operational benefits. Its aesthetic and interactive design makes it ideal for high-traffic enterprise environments and provides a compelling way for customers to transact. Retailers or Integrators can also use Chrome Device Management to control and manage their device fleets. It means that content updates and management of the devices can be done remotely via the cloud, and its ease of rollout gives retailers an amazing experience, says Borg.


The Chromebase Mini is also ideal for enterprise business solutions. It positions Chrome squarely in the cloud, offering secure flexibility of business cloud solutions and enabling both Google Hangouts and other video conferencing solutions.


Chromebox Mini

The Chromebox Mini is a solid-state, ultra-small form factor device. It is the smallest enterprise- ready Chromebox currently available.

It supports Chrome Device Management and can be used as an enterprise desktop replacement. Its features include fanless design, Bluetooth, wide-reaching dual-band antenna, and power button extension ports for ease of mounting behind the device or having other AV equipment control on/off state.

Both the Chromebase and Chromebox Mini are enterprise-grade solutions, at a price point suitable for home use for those wanting a more reliable silent solution. Both feature fanless/non-venting hole designs, can operate in a wide range of temperatures, and meet Google’s security requirements.


"Rather than re-purposing consumer-grade products and support for commercial environments, AOPEN has introduced a design for the Chrome Mini Range that is robust and reliable enough for enterprise deployments across key verticals - including retail, hospitality, and QSR," says Borg.



AOPEN creates hardware for different solutions in different scenarios, using our broad in-house knowledge as the backbone for the operation. As well as focusing on digital signage, our devices are also ideal for analytics, surveillance, vending, smart vision and many more.


AOPEN is an official partner for Google Chrome devices, including the following tiers:

  • Google Cloud Sales Premier Partner (Chrome)
  • Google for Education Sales Premier Partner
  • Google Cloud Services Partner (Chrome)
  • Google for Work Education Services Partner


With input from our partners, we manufacture products that drive your personalised solution. Driven by your wishes, our hardware powers static content such as menu boards, or animated content like a video wall. The hardware gathers the analytical information or process and serves this information to clients. We also have a wide range of all-in-one touch displays that provides the perfect interactive experience.


Chromebase Mini

CPU: Rockchip RK3288C, Quad Core Cortex-A17 1.8Ghz

IP Grade: IP54

Resolution: 10,1'' 1280 x 800 (16:10)


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Chromebox Mini

CPU: Rockchip RK3288C, Quad Core Cortex-A17 1.8Ghz

Video Outputs: 1x HDMI

Dimensions: 146(W) x 23.8(H) x 6,5(D) mm


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