As global and local concerns on the COVID-19 pandemic continue to increase, AOPEN is in a strong position to continue providing our products and services in these difficult times. Our focus is to enrich our offerings to include safety with efficiency. From quick temperature checking kiosks, heat map tracking, to a sanitary self-service kiosk with antimicrobial coating on the front glass, we provide different product portfolios across multiple industries for our partners and clients to continue their businesses in the safe and healthy way.

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Viana SAMi

Due to the impact of COVID-19, every workplace must add an extra layer of protection and cleanliness. Additional cleanup actions must ensure when surfaces reach a certain contact threshold. SAMiE uses camera technologies to anonymously track activity in environments where people interact. Data on number of hand touches are tracked as specific events and visualised through a heatmap so that human teams can focus cleaning efforts where it matters.

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