DE Series


  • Hardware created for tough and dusty environments
  • AOPEN is an expert in digital signage
  • Innovative solution

Device Features

  • One output player per transparent display
  • Windows-based platform
  • Ability to run 24/7

Inglot is a cosmetics company, specializing in high-quality make-up products and cosmetic accessories. The wide range of colors draws attention now that the company is expanding its design strategy to its stores. Because the stores are mainly located in shopping malls and large department stores, it is important to stand out.

With the AOPEN transparent display, Inglot's merchandise gets a new dimension. With the ability to use their own graphics in front of the product, then the promotion tool becomes a real eye-catcher. With the fast-changing behaviour of shoppers, this In-Store Showcase is valuable when it comes to gathering information. The built-in video camera measures customers' viewing behaviour and captures audience statistics.

The technology in the digital art gallery was designed by CS Digital Media and run on AOPEN Digital Engines. Customers were very impressed by the fun way of presenting the modernized museum and 92% graded the initiative as very exciting.