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With edge-to-edge glass with a webcam on the front panel, this eTILE will enhance the interactive experience for customers. Based on the Intel CPU this eTILE will enhance the interactive experience for customers 24/7 with among others, 4K content playback support.

Intel® Core™ Platform

The eTILE M-FW series is based on the Intel® Core™ platform. More specifically: on the 5th generation platform technology. This computing device is available in i3 and i5 and therefore in available in different SKU’s. 

IP65 Dust and Waterproof

The front panel of all AOPEN all-in-one touch solutions is dust- and waterproof. With the IP65 grade, this device is safe from water and dust. Because of the edge-to-edge glass, cleaning is easy and customers with food and drinks are no threat. 

Multi-Touch Solution

The panels of all AOPEN all-in-one touch solutions are 10 point multi-touch. Create an interactive kiosk or integrate the displays in a POS solution. Almost everything is possible with these screens. 

Built-in Webcam

By including a Full HD Webcam to the design of this all-in-one, AOPEN ensured more integrations are within reach. With this webcam it’s possible to analyse behavior and target groups. You can adjust the content on the screen, based on the person looking at it or use the webcam to set up a check-in system that can be linked to security. 

Wide Viewing Angle

This screen is both used for portrait and landscape orientation both, without losing quality in viewing angle. With this feature flexibility in use of the device is guaranteed. This device can be integrated into different kiosks or is used as a stand-alone device.

Auto Power and Recovery

Automatically switch your device on by APAR. Configure your requirements for the unit after power is turned off. You can decide to automatically turn on a device when power comes back on, or you van program the APAR to go back to the last known state before the power was turned off.

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