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Solo Entry

The solo entry access control system provides access control for under 100 people small to medium-sized enterprises with a single entrance of facial recognition. The system includes facial recognition, digital signage, employee management, and attendance management. The system also works with third-party access control systems. 1 second of facial recognition in identifying staff, visitors, or managed personnel to ensure the safety of the site. facial recognition, access control, attendance, and information release can be done at one go, thanks to the exclusive multi-functional integrated platform.

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Group Entry

The FaceInfo dynamic identification access control system provides facial recognition access control for 100 to 1,000 people small-medium sized enterprises and supports multiple entrances and exits. At the same time, it can rapidly identify multiple people without the need for staff to stop and record attendance. It can preserve all the photos of people entering and leaving the building as well as effectively record followers such as visitors or unauthorized persons, ensuring the safety of the site.

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