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AOPEN intelligent Control Unit

Advanced remote hardware control with AiCU


Organise and control devices via the online AiCU portal. Find device statistics, manage hard- and software modifications and control much more via the online AiCU portal.


Combine cloud service and advanced embedded device control technology in a single online dashboard. Enable the possibility of working from a distance which saves on costs and time in a safe environment. Providing a complete overview, and benefits such as:







Maintenance tools



The opening page of the online portal is the AiCU dashboard. Here, a quick overview of devices is displayed. Instantly see the device’s status, health and location.


All devices have more elaborated details and actions available. See device-specific information and the special AiCU embedded control features like out-of-band with recovery options and power on/off.


Several maintenance tools come along with the AiCU. Functions as power on/off, complete restart, SuperRTC, HDMI cable detection, EDID emulator and out-of-band connection.


Add, update and adjust applications via the online portal.


Group Devices







Group devices in a hierarchical structure and organize devices with different purposes.


Control the AiCU operators, roles and connect them to relevant groups. That way specific (grouped) devices get managed by the right operators.


Adjust settings of devices, like a monitor on/off time, daily reboot, or other OS settings for efficient deployment and provisioning of devices.


Get notified when errors occur. Check specific critical alerts and receive an email for quick recovery of issues.


Operational efficiency

In the current fast-moving digital world, cloud-based management is essential. AiCU provides remote device control on both hard- and software level and creates an advantage for any business. Improve the general device maintenance process with AiCU service and save on costs, time and effort.



Ecosystem Architecture




*Some models are only available in certain regions



To learn more about AiCU, please contact AOPEN.