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The AOPEN Heat Finder thermal camera AD-HF048 keeps businesses, schools and factories safe. The AD-HF048 offers online viewing, recording, playback of recorded video, and thermal images. The system can perform a thermal analysis and generate related alarms to detect possible infected persons in an early stage. The AD-HF048 is a proven, fast, comprehensive and Dual-Camera solution.

Comprehensive, Secure, Safe and Accurate



Multiple cameras can be monitored on one screen. By one person instead of one per entrance.




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Proven, a system that works

Heat Finder is used at more than 1,000 locations in Taiwan, one of the world leaders in disease control and pandemic response.

Fast, don't stand in line

Medical thermometers are accurate, but a measurement takes 5 to 6 seconds per person - causing long lines at business and schools entrances. The nonintrusive Heat Finder system monitors temperatures as people walk past.

User defined detection areas

The T-Guard software offers up six user defined areas and detection spots for individual measurements and alarms

Flexible & Local

The system supports multiple cameras for multiple entrances, it works completely local without a cloud solution or network security issues.

Continuous measurements with a high accuracy

Heat finder achieves the best continuous accuracy by using a dual camera and seven measurements per second on up to four persons per camera. This requires a high-end processor. 

Custom defined test area

By defining the test area interfering heat sources can be excluded from the view and measurements. This allows real-time temperature measurements as people pass through the measurement area.

Automated alarms

If a higher than normal temperature is detected the system can give an alarm (e.g. a sound) and take a snap shot. To be followed by a re-examination by trained personnel.

Temperature logging

Provide the starting point of the occurrence of the event and the temperature change of the event, as the event tracking image tracking, heat source and temperature data
change collection.

3 image modes

The T-guard software lets you choose between a thermal, normal or combined image

What's In The Box?
  • Thermal Camera
  • T-Guard Software
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • 1.8m Power Cord-USB Mini
  • Quick Guide






Recommended Accessories


  • Any 6'-7', 1/4" Thread Tripod
  • 90+ Degree Ball Joint
  • Small Footprint


  • Intel I5+
  • 4GB RAM
  • 200GB-System
  • 1TB-Storage-DVR


Product Specifications
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