Chromebox Commercial

Chromebox Series

Chromebase Commercial

Chromebase Commercial

Chromebase Series




  • Close cooperation with Google
  • Technology that blends in a stylish way
  • Durable technology

Device Features

  • Tough and tamperproof design for 24/7 operation in public spaces
  • Ability to connect with of Chrome Device Management (CDM)
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • High level commercial performance



Code Dynamics Pty Ltd develops a software solution called Respond52 that provides critical real-time information to emergency services. Respond52 gathers data from many sources and brings together information such as crew availability, incident information, attendance, deployment, vehicle tracking and environmental information.

Many of the locations are remote, with internet connection being intermittent. Thus the solution needed to be able to run offline and synchronise with a cloud server. Hardware also had to be rugged enough to withstand tough environments. There are high pressure for both hardware and software to work flawlessly every time