What is Medical IT?


Healthcare IT are electronic systems for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, optometrists and dentists, either in a hospital or in a private healthcare clinic. To make the term Healthcare IT or Medical IT a bit more clear, we're going to explain a couple of terms:

  • Telemedicine: remote medical services specifically for clinical services.
  • Telehealth: remote medical services for non-clinical services
  • Medical Box PC: a medical-grade computer to power electronic systems. Depending on the certifications, medical box PCs are used in a variety of healthcare applications
  • Medical Panel PC: a medical-grade all-in-one touchscreen (a computer and screen in one) for healthcare applications such as check-in, or to be integrated into a medical cart.
  • Medical Monitor: a medical-grade screen, which displays medical imaging, via brightness, notice and viewing angle features.
  • Medical Cart: a medical cart is a mobile cart that is customizable to preference in height (sitting or standing), wheels, cable management and monitor mobility.


All these devices are used in a hospital or in other medical services to make healthcare more accessible for patients and to ensure a smooth process for the healthcare employees.


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Why use medical grade?

Using medical-grade computers you can view a set of records with no risk of paper loss. This means that there's a lower chance of conflicting treatments, a faster diagnosis and a clear viewing of electronic imaging records such as Xrays and MRI's.


All medical-grade devices need the correct certifications, which means an IEC 60601-1 certification. Medical displays have to be compliant with DICOM® standards. This is the international standard to transmit, store, retrieve, print, process, and display medical imaging information.






Mobile Healthcare

Medical Box PCs, Panel PCs and monitors can be combined with medical carts. This makes it easier to move around with the information necessary for different patients. 

These carts use wheels to be pushed around the hospital to keep real-time records of patients. AOPEN medical-grade displays, Panel PCs and medical-grade box PCs are compatible with medical carts. 

Medical IT, Healthcare IT, Medical Cart, Medical-grade Monitor, Telehealth, Medical Box PC






Healthcare IT accessories











Medical Box PCs


Medical-grade computers or medical-grade box PCs assist in patient care, because of imaging capabilities. In diagnostics, they display MRI and CT scans. They are essential in modern healthcare to increase efficiency and support patient care. AOPEN medical box PCs have a 60601-1 certification and are used to power patient monitors and ventilators. They can also withstand electromagnetic interference and the chassis has an antibacterial coating to prohibit bacteria from colonizing.


Medical Displays


Medical-grade displays have the 60601-1 certification. They also have higher brightness and are DICOM compliant with a wide viewing angle to display medical imaging properly. AOPEN medical-grade monitors have a tilting degree from -5 ~ 30°, an IP65 grade front-cover and a 10 point touchscreen, which works with medical gloves.



dTILE 2162-M, medical-grade, medical IT, medical display, medical monitor dTILE 2462-M, medical-grade, medical it, medical display, medical monitor
dTILE 2162-M dTILE 2462-M





Medical-grade hardware, medical-grade monitor, medical-grade box pc, healthcare IT

VESA Compatible

AOPEN medical-grade displays are VESA compatible with a mounting size of 100 x 100 mm. AOPEN Panel PCs which can be used in medical settings for check-in are also VESA compatible. As most medical carts carry the same compatibility this makes the AOPEN medical hardware portfolio agnostic to medical carts and vice versa.





Create a Solution

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