What is Industry 4.0?


Industry 4.0 is the integration of machinery with smart technologies. Industry 4.0 is used for big data analytics, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), system integration, and cloud-based working. Using Industry 4.0 creates a more efficient process and decreases costs by lowering the risks of high-cost mistakes. However, when a technical problem occurs, this could turn out to be costly. Due to the use of computers, the data output is huge and can be used to further optimise.






Industrial Media Player, Industrial PC, Embedded PC, Fanless PC, Industrial Form Factor

Industrial Media Players

Industrial media players are PCs with a wide temperature range, which can withstand shocks and vibration. In general, industrial media players have an advantage when they are fanless. This prevents dust from building up in their environments. They also have COM ports included in their interface, which makes them perfect for Industry 4.0.


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Industrial Panel PCs | Industrial all-in-one PCs

Industrial Panel PCs are touchscreens and PCs in one. They resist extreme temperatures and shock and vibration with their IK08 grade. In factories, the touchscreen works with gloves and the Panel PC is fanless to prevent dust build-up. In Industry 4.0 applications they serve as workstations or automation tools.


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Industrial Panel PC, Industrial All-in-One PC, Industrial Touchscreen, AMTouch, Factory Automation







Industrial Open Frame Monitor, Industrial Display, AMTouch, Touchscreen

Industrial Displays | Open Frame Displays

An Open Frame Monitor is a display in a bare metal enclosure that can be easily integrated into a product. It has a flat zero-bezel and an AMTouch module to enable the touch display when wearing gloves. In Industry 4.0 they are used to show information of processes when connected to an industrial media player.


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How to use Industry 4.0 technologies?



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Manufacturing Automation

Quality Control

Workstations in Industry 4.0 have a proper operating interface, manuals, real-time data and dashboards to keep an eye out on the production schedule. Use Industry 4.0 technologies to automate a production line or logistical operations. Increase productivity and production output with data gathering and a clear operating interface. Use hardware and software to control quality in a production process with inference technologies.





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