AOPEN Devices Receive Microsoft Azure Certification in 2019

AOPEN helps enterprises accelerate digital transformation

AOPEN was founded in 1996 to deliver hardware solutions across multiple use cases, leveraging its breadth of subject-matter expertise as the backbone of its operation. In addition to delivering excellent digital signage solutions, AOPEN has evolved its offerings to include analytics, surveillance, kiosks, and machine vision capabilities. This evolution of offerings demonstrates the strategic direction of AOPEN, especially as it aligns with market trends, new technologies, and longtime software partners like Microsoft. With a growing number of AOPEN products certified on the Microsoft Azure platform, AOPEN continues to expand the scope of its technology solutions, offering seamless compatibility and excellent solutions to end user businesses.

End user businesses scale quickly and easily with Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, with trusted offerings, verified partners, and interoperable solutions from leading worldwide technology companies. Already certified on the Azure platform are the AOPEN eTILE and eTILE-X series for all-in-one touch displays, Digital Engine series, and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) series models.


The AOPEN eTILE series is suited to in-demand commercial applications – an open and flexible hardware platform, and a device portfolio that includes both all-in-one devices as well as flexible configurations of media players and touch displays.

The modular design of the eTILE-X series reflects the uses cases and easily-customized needs of enterprise end users. With its protective bezel, it can be deployed for touch applications in industrial environments; with its sleek design, it is equally perfect for digital signage, kiosk, and point-of-sale applications.

The AOPEN Digital Engine series offers robust media players with dust filters.

DE series is suited to the harsh environments where digital signage, kiosk, and machine vision applications are typically deployed.

DEV series was developed and optimized for next-generation solutions like IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

DEX series offers a range of media players that are slim (25mm), solid-state, fanless, and have no venting holes – suited to in-vehicle and dust-filled environments. The just-released WB5500 OPS player introduces a wireless option, especially for education use cases like those seen across Mainland China.


AOPEN helps end users eliminate complicated and obstacles to IoT projects, simplifying the otherwise time-consuming process of selecting the right devices, assets, and sensors and connecting them to the cloud. AOPEN R+D and its rigorous testing protocols are fundamental to delivering the right products based on industry trends, market needs, case studies, and customer feedback. The full AOPEN suite of Microsoft Azure IoT certified devices and platforms are tested for readiness, compatibility, and usability. With AOPEN devices that are Azure certified, end users are assured reliability, security, quality, and performance.

eTILE 19M-FW (Ultra-thin and powerful multi-touch solution) 

The eTILE 19M-FW is created for commercial environments, with a tamperproof design, cable management and the ability to handle high vibrations.

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DE6340 (Powerful media player for UHD video wall applications)

The DE6340 is capable of supporting four UHD (4K) displays, such as video walls and menu boards.

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DEV7610 (High-performance visual computing engine)

The DEV7610 combines an 8th Generation Intel® Core desktop processor, Intel® Optane™ technology, and a discrete graphics card into a compact, high-performance visual computing device. Supporting graphics cards up to an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti in a chassis just 2”in height, it is a unique visual computing device that can be implemented in almost any environment. The DEV7610 excels at retail tasks such as 3D Digital Signage, and high-power facial recognition.

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