Equipment disinfection during the COVID-19 epidemic

Recommendations and precautions for the AOPEN all-in-one touch displays (eTILE, eTILE-X and dTILE series) concerning the disinfection of the touch surface.


To clean the touch panel of AOPEN Smart Kiosk, AOPEN recommends using a dry, clean cloth to wipe off dust regularly and to use alcohol for cleaning when necessary. It is also recommended that the cleaning agent is non-corrosive and that the concentration of mixed alcohol does not exceed 78%. 

Please make sure that the all-in-one touch models you have had or sold to your customers are subject to the following recommendations if they are manufactured with AG / AF / AR / Anti-UV/Logo screen coating technology on their surface.

When you need to use other solvents or cleaning agents, please contact AOPEN service centres worldwide first or purchase the AOPEN IPC or medical equipment with the antibacterial specifications.

Follow the below methods:
•    Avoid using any chemical agents to clean the touchscreen
•    Do not spray cleaning agents directly onto the touchscreen, the liquids may seep into the screen or contaminate the front bezel
•    Spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the touchscreen with the cloth.
•    After cleaning, check to make sure no remaining cleaner is seeping through the edges of touchscreen
•    Use gentle wiping motions. Do not wipe or press the touchscreen with excessive force
•    Do not use sharp tools to clean the surface of the touchscreen
•    Do not use air guns, water jets, or steam, to clean the surface of touchscreens as they may damage touchscreen functionality
•    If condiments, food, or drinks are spilt on the surface of the touchscreen, please remove them immediately
•    If the touchscreen has nameplates on the surface, please refer to the manufacturer for cleaning instructions
•    Make sure moisture does not seep through the cable connection area from the edges during cleaning
•    When water is present on the surface of the PCI touchscreen, wipe it dry first. Then the touchscreen will function properly