Il est tout aussi important d’acheter de bons produits que d’avoir la certitude que tout fonctionnera de façon efficace et fluide sur le long terme. Les services AOPEN permettent aux entreprises de tirer le meilleur partie de leurs investissements dans les solutions d'applications numériques. Notre objectif est d'optimiser le cycle de vie des produits grâce à des services à valeur ajoutée qui augmentent le coût total de possession, tout en garantissant que vous êtes couvert partout et à chaque instant.


Des services Premium

Notre mission est de fournir des services à valeur ajoutée afin d’optimiser le cycle de vie du matériel AOPEN pour les entreprises. 


Extended Warranty


Get unparalleled peace of mind with AOPEN extended support, maximizing your TCO and avoiding out-of-pocket expenses.


Global Warrant


Streamline and ensure global support and replacement anywhere in the world. The Global Warranty is a long term costs and time savings with international replacement shipments, customs and taxes.

White Glove


The beauty of White Glove Service is that when you purchase the product it is thoroughly inspected, updated with the latest OS, and already preconfigured, ready to install.

Screen Protection Plan


Be prepared for unexpected screen damage and reduce repair cost by 60% with AOPEN Screen Protection Plan.

Kitting Service


Simplify your solution with only one point of contact, reducing risk and lowering TCO while receiving direct and local deployment support.

Out of Warranty


Get access to AOPEN expertise and support, even when your base warranty has expired.



Product Refurbish


AOPEN will inspect, Configure, Clean, Refurbish, Grade, and Ship the unit to your designated location.

Advanced Product Replacement


Although AOPEN has the lowest failure rate of 1%, our Advanced Product Replacement program offers fast and convenient 2-day shipping to assure your solution is up and running as soon as possible.