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The first AOPEN Intel-based system capable of supporting hardware accelerated AV1 8K playback. As if that wasn’t enough, the DEX5750 has a 12 ~ 24V DC for automotive use and a legacy RS232/422/485 COM Port selectable by BIOS, making the system very suitable for automation purposes.

8K HDR content playback

This digital signage media player is capable of driving 8K content. With a resolution that goes up to 7680 x 4320 pixels, your content is displayed clearly.

Intel® Core™ platform

This Digital Engine is based on the Intel® Core™ platform. More specifically, on the 11th generation. These computing devices are available in i3 and i5, and therefore in different SKU’s.

Small form factor

This form factor ensures easy integration into kiosks or behind screens. The AOPEN small form factor is a standard that is used for Digital Engine (DE) models. The size of our Digital Engine series is set to a maximum of 240 x 25 x 158 mm. Do the math and you will see that a Digital Engine is an investment that will last, even after replacing the item in a kiosk or mount that already exists.

Fanless design without venting holes

This Digital Engine is passively cooled. The cooling ribs on its exterior make sure the device won’t overheat. This means the device doesn’t have moving parts which enhance its reliability. Furthermore, the device is quiet and dustproof.

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