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What is Digital Signage?


There’s no denying that digital signage is everywhere. Whenever you drive around any big city, walk into a restaurant, or even head into an airport, you will see some form of digital signage. 


It is all around us, across a multitude of different industries; this showcases the extent of how digital signage technology can be used in a range of ways for a variety of purposes.


But, what exactly is ‘digital signage’? The definition is simple; it’s a digital sign that uses technology to display content such as images, videos, streaming media or information. 


Now that we’ve covered its meaning, you may also be wondering where else you’ve seen digital signage. It can be found in lots of different public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail environments, hotels, restaurants, medical practices and facilities or corporate buildings. 


It’s everywhere, but what is digital signage used for? What is its purpose? Typically, digital signage is used by businesses and organisations to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising.


Components of Digital Signage


There are many different components to a digital signage solution and these can be categorised under the following:


Media Player Hardware


This encompasses the physical components, such as the digital display screens, signage media players and any digital signage network components or accessories such as wall mounts or floor and table stands.


image of a video wall in London


Signage Player Software


This element of the media player is the content and/ or device management system and playback software inside the device, which allows for content management and playback. 


Digital signage software has 4 main components, these include:

  • Software that exists on a media player, or inside a display

  • Content management or distribution

  • Device management software

  • Content creation



This component consists of the ways in which the digital display connects back to the content management system, for example, connectivity is achieved by using a hard line, via WiFi or other mobile technology.



This covers the entire installation process of the digital signage hardware and software, from site surveys through to the final installation.


Digital Signage Content

This segment is all about what the end-users see and interact with. It also makes up the biggest ongoing cost of the network and requires continuous content creation to keep the network fresh, current and relevant.

  • Need inspiration for your digital signage content? Why not take a look at our case studies!



This incorporates the typical channels that customers use to purchase various parts of the digital signage network.

Identify Your Needs for Digital Signage: What is the Desired End Result?


When considering implementing digital signage for your business, there are a few questions that need to be answered first.


  1. What is the ideal end result you’d like to achieve after you deploy a digital signage network?

  2. How many digital signage displays are you looking to use?

  3. Do you have a content strategy?

  4. Do you want customised hardware?

  5. What’s your budget?


When you have a clear understanding of your intent, as well as the things that you require, you can deliver a successful digital signage network. 


Don’t fall into the trap of buying a ton of digital signage displays only to then spend months working out what to do with them all. Instead, take the time to do all your research upfront, if you need assistance our expert team can help. You can contact us via our online helpdesk, where we can provide you with unrivalled support.


The main things to think about when looking at installing a digital signage network are content creation and network management. Depending on the purpose of your network, the content creation cost, quality and frequency of change will vary. 


Content creation varies depending on whether it’s a single screen and has automated content (e.g. news, sports, weather, etc), or it’s a menu board, public-facing board, a wayfinding screen or video wall for a major retailer.


Digital Signage Customisation


The other element to consider is the capabilities of the digital signage media player. If you want something that is customised to your business and requirements, why not speak to our team?


We are not your typical digital signage hardware manufacturer, we thrive on innovation and creativity, which is why we offer customers an unparalleled customisation service. Speak to us today and find out how we can turn your ideas into reality.


We hope that this guide will help you to gain a better understanding of the industry and act as a starting point to assist you with implementing a digital signage solution for your business.


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