United Kingdom


DE Series


  • Digital Engine makes it possible to run an entire system from one single point
  • Built-in DTV turner
  • AOPEN is a reliable partner who creates reliable hardware
  • Compatibility with desired partners

Device Features

  • HD Graphics
  • Mini SAS connector to connect 2 SATA devices
  • 2 HDMI and 1 mDP to drive 3 UHD screens
  • Small form factor


Bolsa de Madrid is the largest of Spain’s stock exchanges. The stock exchange floor is housed in an impressive building constructed in the late 1800s. With the stock market being ever-changing, it is important to have real-time information. The flow of information cannot be disrupted, because of the large sums of money it would cost.

An LED screen is placed in the most central position. The perimeter arc of the trading floor fits 52’’ displays, powered by AOPEN Digital Engines and DISE software for content management. The ‘’no border system’’ makes it possible to run an entire system from one single point. The systems are continuously updated, between data transitions across different display areas.

The newly implemented digital signage concept meets the high demand for up-to-date information on the trading floor. It offers different types of content in consideration of the distinctive markets at any given moment.