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The DE7400 is a small computing device with a high level of flexibility, speed and power. With an Intel CPU and three outputs, it's capable of running three UHD screens.

This product is no longer available through AOPEN but will continue to support the product within its warranty period. If you are looking specifically for this product, contact us for availability at your local distributor.



Reliable high-end computing, low power consumption

This Digital engine is created for 24/7 use. It is actively cooled with a fan and ensures low power consumption. Combine this feature with a long lifecycle and you will see why this Digital Engine will lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Intel Core-i platform

The DE7400 runs on the Intel Core-I platform. More specifically on the 6th generation platform technology. This computing device is available in i3, i5 and i7, and therefore in different SKUs. 

Dual LAN ports

Create redundancy by using dual LAN, upgrade your internet speed, or create a gateway by implementing this feature. This Digital Engine has dual LAN ports and is therefore suited for critical communication environments.  

Advanced storage capabilities

The DE7400 has a mini-SAS connector for external SATA hard disks. The DE7400 is capable of connecting two disks. Create an NVR by using these harddisks for storage, upgrade device speed, or store big data on these RAID bays and ensure a more redundant server solution. 

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