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Displayforce, Digital Signage Software, Trigger-based online marketing, customer insights, store as media, smart digital signage, personalized communication


Displayforce is a digital signage software company with an AI-powered SaaS for autonomous marketing communication.


AOPEN and Displayforce work together on analytical digital signage, which uses analytics for targeted advertising. In Oman, we bundled forces for a targeted signage solution in a shop-in-shop.


AOPEN and Displayforce focus on analytics-based digital signage, such as interactive advertising.


DynamicScreen, Digital Signage Software, Internal Communication, Meeting Room Signage, Engage Frontline Workers, Corporate Communication


DynamicScreen is the digital signage platform built for Large Enterprises.


AOPEN are DynamicScreen digital signage partners for Chrome OS products. The industrial design of the Chromeboxes and Chromebases meet the needs of the DynamicScreen digital signage software and Chrome OS gives access to advanced features.


AOPEN and DynamicScreen focus on digital signage based on Chrome OS.


Navori Labs, Digital Signage Software, Marketing Analytics Software, Digital Signage CMS, DOOH Advertising, Retail Business Insight

Navori Labs

Navori Labs is a Swiss software innovator and global leader in digital signage, computer vision and AI-driven marketing analytics software.


Navori has certified all AOPEN Windows 10-based media player PCs. In 2020, Navori Labs, Philips Display Solutions and AOPEN teamed up in creating an access control detection solution.


AOPEN and Navori focus on analytics-based digital signage, such as access control.

































PADS4, digital signage software, digital signage, meeting room management, desk management, visitor management, IoT, Smart Building, Airport signage, flight information displays, passenger information software


PADS4, developed by NDS is a complete software platform for smart digital building solutions.


AOPEN and PADS4 work together in the airport industry where digital signage is used as a flight information system, but also as a meeting room management system with Panel PCs.


AOPEN and PADS4 focus on digital signage solutions with Windows digital signage and Android all-in-one touch displays.


Signagelive, Digital Signage software, enterprise focussed, cloud-based, scalable, hardware agnostic, secure


Signagelive is a cloud-based digital signage platform.


With Signagelive and AOPEN, you can configure a streamlined, enterprise digital signage solution that is scalable and secure. By creating a powerful and easy to navigate user interface, this hardware and software combination is a true plug & play solution.


AOPEN and Signagelive focus on enterprise digital signage together which is scalable and secure.


sklera TV, sklera GmbH, digital signage software, Germany, flexible data sources, HTML5 Design Tools, Flexible Content Planning, intuitive & Responsive, Rest API

sklera GmbH

sklera GmbH is a digital signage software developer using sklera CMS as the control element for content and displays.


With sklera, AOPEN has a partner who can provide Linux images for AOPEN digital signage players, making the combination a real plug & play solution for System Integrators and customers.


AOPEN and sklera GmbH focus on digital signage solutions with optimized Linux images.

































Visiology, Polywall, Polymedia, Control Room, Videowall, NOC/SOC, Dispatcher hall, AV Network


Visiology International is a software developer of Control Room software.


Together with Visiology, AOPEN provides windows-based players which can be used in small-scale control room environments. Polywall provides screen-splitting functionalities and a universal operator console.


AOPEN and Visiology focus on control room solutions, such as boardrooms, NOC/SOC and experience centres.