Cast movies, shows, or music at a moment’s notice directly from the compact and portable AV10a LED projector. Featuring smart functionality, dual 5W built-in speakers with passive radiators, and customizable audio modes, you’ll always get the best audio-visual experience across its up to 30,000 hour lifetime.

Smart, Portable Projection


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Smart Projector

AOPEN smart projectors and their user-friendly interface make wireless projection easier than ever – start playing your favorite movies, shows, and music at a moment’s notice. 


*AOPEN Smart projectors come with the third-party Aptoide marketplace application, allowing you to download and install other apps such as Smart YouTube TV, Netflix, and more so you can wirelessly watch various streaming audio and video content.

Amazingly Portable

Have fun anywhere, anytime or give presentations on the go with this compact, palm-sized projector. 

700 Lumens LED Brightness

The LED light source produces 700 lumens brightness, suitable for low-light small to medium sized rooms. 

Enhanced LED Color Gamut

Enjoy a 1.2–1.4x wider NTSC color gamut and greater bulb durability than traditional lamps with LED lighting. 

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your content anywhere - without needing to take an extra speaker. Set the tone with full, vibrant audio from the on-board Bluetooth speaker and ensure your movies come to life, songs have more depth, and games are more engaging. 

Wireless Projection

Break free from the clutter of wires with easy wireless projection options and wireless dongle design.​ 


*Specifications vary depending on model and/or region. 

Keystone Correction for Distortion

Finding the right angle for your presentation is easier with keystone correction, which corrects vertical distortion. 

Customized Audio Modes

Tailor-made movie and music audio modes ensure a consistently enjoyable acoustic experience. 

Up to 30,000 Hours Lifetime

Use this projector as often as you like and for as long as you like; with a 30,000-hour lifetime*, you won't be needing a replacement any time soon. 


*The actual operating life span of a projector lamp will vary according to model and/or region, operating conditions, and usage patterns. 

Product Specifications