Mini PCs and Digital Signage Media Players

AOPEN's Linux-based commercial media player ensures system stability, secure hardware access, and enhanced operational reliability. AOPEN hardware employs efficient key components, offering low maintenance costs, making it suitable for commercial digital signage, kiosks, machine vision, video walls, and integrated solutions in industries such as retail, healthcare, and education, ensuring uninterrupted media playback.

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Breiter Temperaturbereich

Industrielle Medienplayer und industrielle All-in-One-PCs bieten ausgezeichnete Widerstandsfähigkeit gegenüber Umweltfaktoren. Im Vergleich zu anderen Medienplayern bietet der industrielle Medienplayer eine reibungslosere Inhaltsbereitstellung. Dies eliminiert auch Geräusche und Datenschäden. Zuverlässige Modelle sind lüfterlos, was die Systemzuverlässigkeit zusätzlich enorm steigern kann. Eine lüfterlose Medienplayer-Lösung hindert Staub, Fett und Feuchtigkeit am Erreichen der wesentlichen Komponenten - entscheidend in bestimmten Branchen! Industrielle All-in-One-PCs halten extremen Temperaturen, Feuchtigkeit, Vibration und Stößen stand.

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All-in-One Linux

AOPEN's Linux-based commercial/industrial all-in-one PC devices are engineered for dusty environments, guaranteeing improved operability and quieter operation, particularly suitable for settings like museums. These devices provide a secure, tamper-proof system, facilitating streamlined asset management and dedicated self-service terminals, leading to decreased maintenance and support expenses. Linux OS ensures robust performance and enhanced system security, making AOPEN's all-in-one systems a cost-effective choice for various applications.

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