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The Chromebook Commercial Tab is a 10", ruggedized tablet, design for Education. Transportation, Healthcare and Hospitality in mobility use. With front screen 9H protective film & ruggedized chassis, protect the mobility in safe and It has a Kensington Lock for safekeeping and Chrome OS to drive the device.

Ruggedized Design

The AOPEN hand-held devices have a tamperproof and ruggedized design. The Chromebook Commercial Tab was drop tested on Military Grade and easily survived 26 drop from 4 feet. And it design with front 9H protective film to protect the glass to ensure safe use in mobility.

Chromebook Commercial Tab
Chromebook Commercial Tab
Secure Design

Secure your device & data. The Kensington Lock physically secures your mobile device, when it’s not integrated into an enclosure. Hand-held devices disappear easily, which is of course not the desired outcome. Aside from the Kensington Lock, AOPEN Chromebook TAB have (Google) TPM to ensure a safe access path to data under chrome OS.

High Graphics & Quality Video Playback

A QXGA IPS Resolution, with 4:3 aspect ratio, which includes 2048 x 1536 pixels. This all-in-one touch solution is perfect for both portrait and landscape solutions. Therefore, this all-in-one is the perfect match for integration into different kiosks.

Chromebook Commercial Tab
Chromebook Commercial Tab
High Performance

AOPEN tablet is just as ruggedized, but also just as powerful CPU/ GPU/ VPU. CPU with 64bit Dual-Core Cortext-A72 up to 1.8GHz & Quad Core A53 up to 1.4GHz. And GPU & VPU support OpenGL, OpenCL, DX11, ES1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1 and accelerate the video in 4K2K VP9, VP8 up to 60fps, 1080P MPEG -1/2/4 which hit the 2D, 3D, video play & work in mobile way.

All Day Productivity

AOPEN devices have a long standing tradition of being reliable and having a long productivity. For hand-held devices this productivity goes up to 10 hours of battery life, which gets you through the day. The all day productivity is mostly convenient in the hospitality and retail business.

Chromebook Commercial Tab
Chromebook Commercial Tab
Wacom Stylus Pen

You could of course use your fingers on the touchscreen, but you can also use a Stylus Pen. Make sure your screen stays clear of grease and stains and make notes like you would on paper.

Commercial Accessories

AOPEN devices are almost always compatible with VESA mounts. The same goes for our hand-held devices. Use it in kiosk mode, by mounting the tablet on the wall, where you can use it in retail or corporate environments.

Chromebook Commercial Tab
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