Enjoy the immersive graphics and vibrant, realistic colors of an FHD TN display with a rapid response time of 5ms. Your eyes will stay strain-free thanks to AOPEN VisionCare™ array of eye-protecting technologies.



Superb visual experience with true-to-life colors.

FHD Resolution with TN Technology

Bring your favorite shows and movies to life. Experience sharper details and more accurate colors with FHD resolution.

5ms Response Time

Enjoy clearer, more immersive images without blurring thanks to a rapid response time of 5ms.

16.7 Million Colors

Crisp, true-to-life colors and improved contrast without banding are possible with 16.7 million colors.

BlueLightShield™ Technology

Protect your eyes from unnecessary strain by utilizing BlueLightShield™ technology.


Eliminate annoying screen flicker and reduce the risk of eye strain with Flickerless™ technology.

Product Specifications

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