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The DEV8430 is a 9-screen video wall media player, designed to support multiple video wall setups, such as 9x1 or 3x3 video walls, suitable for information display, promotional display, menu boards or control rooms.

WUXGA resolution playback

This media player is capable of driving WUXGA 1200p content. With a resolution that can be set up to 1920 x 1200 pixels your content will be of a high standard. This feature marks the players that are capable of delivering content that is fluent and stutter free.

Multi-output video wall solution

This player is a multi-output solution. Which means one player drives up to six screens. Computing devices with this feature are the perfect backbone for video walls and other multi-screen solutions. These include symmetrical and asymmetrical video walls, depending on software and content.

Dual LAN ports

Create redundancy by using dual LAN, upgrade your internet speed, or create a gateway by implementing this feature. This Digital Engine has dual LAN ports and is therefore suited for critical communication environments.

Multi COM ports

The DEV8430, DEV8430-X9 and DEV5400 both have a dual COM port. These dual RS232 ports are used for device communication. Good to have for industrial process automation and installation in decision making processes.

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