Get ready for a new level of immersion with the GB300 RGB Light Stick. Using the nine built-in lighting effects, amplify the mood and atmosphere of all your favorite games, movies, and music. Further, make use of RGB Light Sense apps to synchronize and create dazzling light shows with all your peripherals.

Immersive Illumination

Synchronize with as many RGB Light Sticks as you need to create the perfect ambience for your games, music and more.  Easily attached to the top of your display, match the action on your screen or the tempo of your music with a variety of dynamic lighting modes to choose from.

Light up Your Display

With RGB Light Sense1, your light sticks and other peripherals are synced for customized lighting configurations. Choose from nine different lighting effects such as breathing, wave, shifting, and many more to create the perfect atmosphere for your setup.  

Legendary Lighting

Bring your champion’s abilities into the real world for all to see with RGB Light Sense – LoL1. See your abilities in real-time as they cascade across your gaming set-up. Customize lighting effects for your champion for kills, respawns and victory.

Product Specifications