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Technology Partners

Hardware & Software Partners


System Integrators & Resellers

Technology partners are partners involved in the first stages of the manufacturing process. These partners make the chipsets and graphics cards and create the operating system compatible with AOPEN products.


It's also thanks to them, AOPEN is able to create the reliable and quality products AOPEN is famous for.

Hardware partners include display manufacturers, medical carts, and more. While the hardware is connected to the AOPEN media player, the software is installed on the system which can be done by AOPEN as part of the service. 


AOPEN has multiple software partners in digital signage, surveillance and corporate communication.

AOPEN has distribution partners all over the world. Do you want to know which distributors sell AOPEN in your region, contact us via the below link!


Do you want to sell AOPEN products too? Contact us via the below link.

System Integrators and resellers are partners involved in the implementation of the solution at the end customer. They help the end-customer choose hardware and software and implement the solution.


Do you want to know which system integrators and resellers can help you? Contact us via the below link!

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