AOPEN evolves to offer higher manageability of its value range

New device control feature adds capabilities to media players


Rosmalen, February 6th 2018 - Following the success of the AOPEN Solid State Device product lines (Chrome, Windows, Linux), AOPEN introduces greater control to its devices with a new edge control feature on select devices launching over the next quarter.

The AOPEN Intelligent Control Unit is a simple, powerful feature that offers management and monitoring capabilities - reducing operating costs and improving efficiency for end users.


Key features include:

  • Super RTC - allowing customers to set advanced schedules for different days and different times
  • EDID Emulator - solving screen resolution issues and to avoid black screens
  • System Data Record - record important system information (e.g. version, name, date of repair).
  • HDMI Signal Detection - determining front-end problems to enable rapid processing
  • (optional) IR Remote Controller - enabling operation without touching the screen

Presenting the AiCU on the new AOPEN Digital Engine DE3450

Launching first with the Digital Engine® DE3450, the AiCU complements the ultra-slim cost-effective commercial media player with industrial grade power that is easy to manage and deploy.

The latest AOPEN Digital Engine® DE3450 is powered by Intel® Core™ CPU, with HDMI 2.0. It runs Ultra HD (4K2K @ 60hz) video for realistic visuals and immersive digital experience. The DE3450 dual-screen output also supports HEVC/H.265 (10 bit) and VP9 Video playback specifications.

Designed with an ultra-slim form factor, the AOPEN DE3450 is quiet and computationally efficient. Its Watchdog Timer detects and recovers from any malfunctions. The shock-proof DE3450 effectively resists pollution and other environmental stresses - offering security, reliability, and durability.

“Over its 20-plus years, AOPEN has refined electric and mechanical technology, working closely with partners and customers to develop key features and support ease-of-use. With its AiCU capabilities, we are confident that the addition of the DE3450 to the AOPEN product portfolio will meet and exceed market expectations. AOPEN continues to be committed to providing customers with quality solutions, integrating innovative device function modules to enhance overall efficiency,” says Minouche van den Berg, Marketing Manager Europe at AOPEN.

In addition, the DE3450 dual LAN and dual antenna-hole design meets different customer network architecture needs and supports IoT-related applications. It also uses validated encryption keys that bring extra security to the device.



AOPEN creates hardware for different solutions in different scenarios, using our broad in-house knowledge as the backbone for the operation. As well as focusing on digital signage, our devices are also ideal for analytics, surveillance, vending, smart vision and many more.


With input from our partners, we manufacture products that drive your personalised solution. Driven by your wishes, our hardware powers static content such as menu boards, or animated content like a video wall. The hardware gathers the analytical information or process and serves this information to clients. We also have a wide range of all-in-one touch displays that provides the perfect interactive experience.

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CPU: Intel® Celeron® Processor J/N Series (Quad Core)

Video Outputs: 2x HDMI 2.0 and 1x HDMI 1.4b

Resolution: 1x UHD (4K) @60Hz or 2x UHD (4K) @30Hz



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AiCU 1.0

  • EDID Emulator
  • Super RTC
  • (optional) IR Remote Controller
  • HMDI Signal Detection
  • System Data Record


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