New Zealand



AOPEN creates hardware for different solutions in different scenarios, using our broad in-house knowledge as the backbone for the operation. As well as focusing on digital signage, our devices are also ideal for analytics, surveillance, vending, machine vision and many more.



  With input from our 
  partners, we manufacture products
  that drive your personalised solution.



Driven by your wishes, our hardware powers static content such as menu boards, or animated content like a video wall. 
The hardware gathers the analytical information or process, and serves this information to clients. We also have a wide range of all-in-one touch displays that provide  the perfect interactive experience.


Our Story


AOPEN was founded in 1996 in Taiwan as a component manufacturer. Over  a period of 20 years AOPEN developed from a component manufacturer to a small form factor computing device manufacturer. The changes in the computing device market were seen as an opportunity  for our small form factor computing devices to penetrate an ever growing and exciting market. We now operate in more than 100 countries worldwide, and our products are applied in a multitude of scenarios with a vision of penetrating more.
To continue our growth, we intend to maintain our values of an open environment and share our knowledge with our channel partners to uphold our quality standards.