All-in-One Panel PC

Panel PCs are perfect for a variety of different applications and environments, including for both industrial and commercial settings. Touch panel PC devices have advanced computing power that is available with a range of display options, types, sizes and customisation options to suit your business needs and requirements. This All-In-One panel PC provides a great computing experience in a single unit. With a touch panel PC, you can: save space & reduce the hassle.

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Fanless Panel PC

Our panel PCs are available in a fanless design. This enables the device to be easy to maintain. The lack of a fan protects against dust, moisture, grease and grime. Perfect for use in industrial applications or rough environments as the fanless design protects sensitive hardware components.

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Panel PC with fan

A panel PC with an active cooling fan means it is an incredibly powerful CPU. The addition of a fan enables the device to be better at dissipating heat. So they don’t experience issues with overheating compared to many fanless systems. However, these panel PC devices do require that the fan is cleaned every so often. AOPEN Panel PCs with a fan also have, at the very least, a webcam and speakers, making them an ideal solution for analytics kiosks that require scanning.

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