With convenient USB-C connectivity and impressive visuals, these portable Fire Legend PM3 Series displays allow you to take your shows, games, and movies with you wherever you go.

Portable Convenience

Up to FHD Display

Bring your favorite shows and movies to life. Experience sharper details and more accurate colors with up to FHD* resolution.

Ultrathin, Portable Design

The lightweight and thin design of these displays allow them to be easily tucked away in bags or backpacks for maximum portability.


With Adaptive-Sync, the monitor’s framerate is synced with that of the graphics card, which eliminates screen tearing and delivers ultra-smooth video playback.


More realistic, natural images are provided through an expanded contrast ratio and color palette using HDR.

Adaptable Connectivity

Keep things simple. With the combination of USB-C and Mini HDMI ports, easily extend your display or connect to other devices such as cameras, portable consoles, and more.

10 Point Touch

Integrated sensor technology allows for the interpretation of multiple touch gestures, providing easier navigation and interaction.

*All images used are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may differ from images shown. Product specs and availability subject to change without notice.

**Power delivery via USB-C™ cable only when source can supply power. The monitor can be powered by Micro USB in other situations. Device must support DP-Alt function In order to utilize Type-C connection.

Product Specifications