The WB5500 is an Open Pluggable Solution Specification computer. The device is built to be slid into the display and play the content. OPS modules allow you to add extra capabilities.

Trusted Platform Module 2.0

The TPM is a dedicated microcontroller, designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. This means the data on your hard drive will be encrypted to ensure your data is safe, even when your device gets stolen.

Intel® Core platform

The WB5500 runs on the Intel® Core™ platform. More specifically, on the 7th generation. These computing devices are available in i5 and i7, and therefore in different SKU’s.

Watchdog Timer

With the Watchdog timer, your solution is running at the highest uptime possible. When the Watchdog timer is included in your critical application, the Watchdog is the ultimate failsafe. As soon as the hardware timer reaches zero, the system will reboot.

Product Specifications
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