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This small form factor media player runs on the Chrome OS and can be controlled via the Chrome Device Management. Find out more by contacting your local sales representative for further information.

Small form factor

This form factor ensures an easy integration into kiosks or behind screens. The AOPEN small form factor is a standard that is used for Digital Engine (DE) models. The size of our Digital Engine series is set to maximum 166x48x177 mm. Its width set to 166 mm. Do the math and you will see that a Digital Engine is an investment that will last, even after replacing the item in a kiosk or mount that already exists.

Chromebox Commercial
Chromebox Commercial
Handles shocks and vibrations with ease

This device handles shock and vibrations with ease because of its fanless design and solid-state disk (SSD). Because the device has no moving parts, shocks and vibrations are no issue. This means this device is perfect for, for example, moving vehicles: to show transportation information in busses, or to display signage on cruise ships.

Fanless design without venting holes

This Digital Engine is passively cooled. The cooling ribs on its exterior make sure the device won’t overheat. This means the device doesn’t have moving parts which enhances its reliability. Furthermore, the device is quiet and dustproof.

Chromebox Commercial
Chromebox Commercial
Kensington Lock

The Kensington Lock physically secures your hardware, when it’s not integrated into an enclosure. AOPEN Digital Engines disappear easily because of their small form factor, which is of course not the desired outcome. So lock your hardware and make sure your solution will do what it is supposed to do. 

Dual output player

Dual output player, for dual display solutions. These value or mid-range computing devices have multiple outputs, and are therefore perfect for digital signage and dual screen kiosks.

Chromebox Commercial
Chromebox Commercial
Bluetooth capabilities

The Chromebox Commercial has built-in Bluetooth 4.0. To enhance connectivity and options for integrations. The Chromebox can be connected to mobile devices, perfect for a retail interactive solution. 

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