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(EOL)The DEV5400 is a super-compact computing solution for edge visual processing applications. The Intel 7th Generation desktop processor powering the DEV5400 can easily handle basic tasks in retail analysis and industrial visual applications. Accurate metric

Reliable high-end computing, low power consumption

This Digital engine is created for 24/7 use. It is actively cooled with a fan and ensures low power consumption. Combine this feature with a long lifecycle and you will see why this Digital Engine will lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Intel Core-i Desktop platform

The DEV series is based on the Intel Core-I desktop platform. More specifically, on the 7th/8th generation Kaby Lake platform technology. The DEV Series is designed for Smart Vision applications, such as analytics, surveillance and industrial process automation. 

Smart Vision Solution

The AOPEN DEV devices are created for smart vision solutions. High-end video analytics, industrial process operation and automation or video surveillance are within the scope. Because of the dedicated graphics card these computing engines are capable of inference and deep learning as well. 

Entry-level Smart Vision

An entry level inference system. Support your smart vision solution with this DEV5400, when a smart camera isn’t able to handle the job on its own. Also, the DEV5400 is a match for simple signage solutions. 

Multi COM ports

The DEV8420 and the DEV5400 both have a dual COM port. These dual RS232 ports are used for device communication. Good to have for industrial process automation and installation in decision making processes. 

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