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The FaceInfo dynamic identification access control system provides facial recognition access control for 100 to 1,000 people small-medium sized enterprises and supports multiple entrances and exits. At the same time, it can rapidly identify multiple people without the need for staff to stop and record attendance. It can preserve all the photos of people entering and leaving the building as well as effectively record followers such as visitors or unauthorized persons, ensuring the safety of the site.

Multi-person dynamic facial recognition prevents lining-up at work


Multi-dimensionally and simultaneously captures the facial feature of dynamic human faces, allowing the employees to perform identification checks as well as punch in/out without the need to stop and jammed the passage.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


Multi-field application to strengthen personnel tracking management


Provide personnel activity records and attendance management to comply with the access control of enterprises in various fields and at the same time, store the images for subsequent audits. Static and dynamic identification can be used to set up access permission for personnel in a specific area, for example, R & D rooms, financial warehouses, factory management, etc.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


100% Taiwan technology. High recognition rate facial recognition technology researched and developed by the group's AI experts


Adopt high-accuracy facial recognition engine AVCP that is developed by the AI experts within the group. It uses technology similar to neural network deep learning algorithm and has an accuracy rate of 99.53% in the international facial recognition database, which is better than the industry. Being 100% Taiwan technical intelligence prevents data leaks.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


The attendance system is compatible with third-party access control and the human resource system


Save the time and cost of traditional punch in/out and staff attendance. The attendance system is compatible with the original data and easily upgraded to the system so that the digital transformation of enterprises does not need to start from 0.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


Guest and blacklist group settings


Define groups of people other than employees, such as VIPs, general visitors, suppliers, to plan the visit classification. At the same time, you can define blacklists and be notified of suspects from the blacklist list so that you can immediately inform the administrator to deal with them.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


Exclusive integrated digital signage applications, make sure the corporate messages are not missed


Through the exclusively developed multi-functional integration platform ConnectUX, you can do digital message editing, meeting scheduling, and meeting message publishing. facial recognition, meeting attendance, and digital message publishing can be all done in one go. Employees can see the corporate's message upon entering and leaving, making corporate communication more efficient.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


Exclusive multi-functional integrated platform ConnectUX can integrate data simultaneously


ConnectUX can simultaneously integrate the existing human resources, access control and attendance systems of the enterprise as well as effectively reduce the learning curve of employees and streamlining the use of manpower. ConnectUX also provides Websocket API standard docking market system software, making it more flexible for companies to introduce new systems in the future

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


Infrared body temperature/ alcohol concentration/ fingerprint recognition, remote management and health monitoring (optional)


Smart Vision leads the industry to become the first to develop a smart access control system and infrared body temperature sensing. The administrator units can perform remote personnel health and safety status management, and be aware of personnel physiological status, suppress public security problems and improve Traffic safety. It is substantial, especially for food factories, health care medical institutions, taxi companies, logistics and transportation industries, public safety transportation agencies, etc.

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control


Applicable field


Entrance and exit of enterprises and factories

Personnel movement inside the factory

FaceInfo - Dynamic recognition access control
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