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Fire Legend QF12

Cast movies, shows, or music from anywhere you desire directly from the highly portable Fire Legend QF12 LED wireless projector. Featuring a 5,000 lumen light source, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and an up to 30,000 hour lifetime, you can better enjoy the freedom of taking your content on the road.


Take the Big Screen Anywhere


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Full HD Resolution

A 100” image of pure beauty in 1080p Full HD looks so real, you'll swear you're looking out the window.

Auto-Portrait Technology

Your phone auto-rotates, and now your projector can too! With Auto-Portrait technology, you can now change your projection orientation on the fly. No need to mess with settings or the content - just stand it up, and the projector will automatically remove those pesky black bars when you enter portrait mode.

5,000 Lumens LED light source

The LED light source produces 5000 lumens brightness, suitable for low-light small to medium sized rooms.

Wireless Projection

Break free from the clutter of wires with easy wireless projection options and wireless dongle design1.


* Specifications vary depending on model and/or region.

Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your content anywhere - without needing to take an extra speaker. Set the tone with full, vibrant audio from the on-board Bluetooth speaker and ensure your movies come to life, songs have more depth, and games are more engaging.

Variable Refresh Rates

Eliminate screen flickering and tears for a smoother visual experience when playing games or fast-paced video content on a Variable Refresh Rate-capable projector. 


* Only supported over HDMI input from Xbox One and PCs with AMD graphic cards. Please contact your GPU vendor more information about compatibility, drivers, and minimum PC specifications.

Enhanced LED Color Gamut

Enjoy a 1.2–1.4x wider NTSC color gamut and greater bulb durability than traditional lamps with LED lighting.

Keystone Correction for Distortion

Finding the right angle for your presentation is easier with keystone correction, which corrects horizontal and vertical distortion.

Up to 30,000 Hours Lifetime

Use this projector as often as you like and for as long as you like; with a 30,000-hour lifetime3, you won't be needing a replacement any time soon.


* The actual operating life span of a projector lamp will vary according to model and/or region, operating conditions, and usage patterns.