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The dTILE 2162M meets the EN/UL 60601-1 medical certification standards and is used in consultation rooms in medical environments. The medical-grade touch monitor works with gloves and has an IP65 dust- and waterproof front panel.

Medical safety regulations and certifications compliant

The DT2162M meets the EN/UL 60601-1 Medical Safety Standard and all relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations as well as other established regulations and certifications. It also has built-in presets that comply with DICOM Part 14 standards ensuring professional and accurate grayscale images.

dTILE 2162M
dTILE 2162M
Multi-touch Solution

The AOPEN medical-grade monitors are 10 point multi-touch and equipped with gloved hand touch and excellent performance in high ESD and EMC environments.

IP65 dust- and waterproof

The front panel of all AOPEN medical-grade touch display is dustproof and waterproof. With the IP65 grade, this device is safe from water and dust. Because anti-glare glass cover, cleaning is easy and the screen is more durable.

dTILE 2162M
dTILE 2162M
Scrolling button

Easy to operate rotary knob to control OSD and power on/off.

Medical Grade Keyboard & Mouse


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