AiCU OOB (Out-Of-Band) Endpoint Management


The AiCU OOB Endpoint Management solution is a smart way to optimize network management, reduce costs, and minimize employee overhead.  AICU OOB offers complete remote monitoring, device control, and patch management capabilities, even if the host operating system has crashed or unstable.


AiCU OOB Remote Management Supported

Support OOB (out-of-band) remote management which can restart the device operation from OS crash   

- Address the hardware level commands including forced shut down, power on and reset the system

- One-key recovery of OS

Cloud based OOB management tools

Cloud based OOB management tools allow user to force reset the system even facing OS crash, it will save time and cost of device management

Remote power on/off/reset/force shutdown

User could easily power off, reset, or force shutdown the system even when the OS is freeze from cloud to quickly remove the software and OS failure, or reset the system to back to its normal working status with out-of-band remote management. User could even power on the system from remote if necessary even when the system is shutdown.

Remote OS image backup and recovery

In order to keep system operating with the latest condition including installed applications and system files, AiCU portal allows user to remotely initiate OS back up so that the device could be recovered from the latest backup from remote when necessary, even when the OS is already crashed with out-of-band connection.

System information

User can get the important system’s hardware information, including CPU fan speed, CPU temperature and system temperature, even when system is shutdown with out-of-band connection.

User friendly dashboard

UI-friendly web dashboard and command center is reliable to secure the devices running in the healthy condition and minimize the TCO and maintenance cost for customers.

Securing MQTT protocol for IoT communication


AiCU OOB Remote Management devices ready