These services allow businesses to maximise their investments in digital application solutions. Our objective is to optimise the product life cycle through value-added services for customers while promoting the integration of business services.



Premium services

Our mission is to provide value-added services to optimize the life cycle of the AOPEN hardware for businesses. 




Device and warranty services


With the AOPEN add-on services, we can get our devices closer to your preferred solution. We can create a customised BIOS and we offer advanced warranty services.





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Imaging services


AOPEN is able to create an image for your device in order to speed up the installation process. We are able to take care of the pre-imaging and of course, we've also thought about the recovery of your device, by providing recovery sticks when needed.



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Chrome services


Chrome devices have multiple advantages compared to other devices because of the services we can provide for you. For Chrome, we offer a white glove service, CDM and single kiosk licences. These can be of great value for more flexible and easier installation.


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