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In the current fast-moving digital world, cloud-based management is essential. AiCU provides remote device-control on both hard- and software level and creates an advantage for any business. Improve the general device maintenance process with AiCU service and save on costs, time and effort.

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AiCU Advanced (Out-Of-Band Control)

Always be able to reach devices! The out-of-band connection (dedicated LAN port for AiCU) provides access to the system even when the operating system is not running or when the system is turned off. Control the power on/off, and OS recovery from a distance.

AiCU Advanced (Out-Of-Band Control)

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AiCU is an edge to cloud endpoint management solution, which drives cost savings by streamlining system management. Start your journey with AiCU by applying for a free 3-month trial account. A local AOPEN Sales Team member will contact you and explain how AiCU can enhance your project TCO and reduce costs.

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