What are Surveillance and Analytics?


Video surveillance, also known as CCTV (closed-circuit television) is the monitoring of behaviour to get information, prevent crime or protect a process via monitors. The majority of surveillance uses computer surveillance as a method to drive the security network. They drive the cameras, store the data and analyze the data gathered. So how do you set up a surveillance system and how do you choose the necessary tools? 


On this page, we will inform you of some different applications of surveillance and which items you need to connect to set up a surveillance network. The basis of what you need is the following:

  • Video storage recorder
  • A surveillance camera
  • Video Management Software
  • Monitors
  • Analytics software, depending on the application 


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How can you use surveillance/analytics hardware?


What else do you need to set up your surveillance system?




KP180, 180° Video Conference Camera, 180° USB Webcam


A proper surveillance system is nothing without the visual aspect. This means you need cameras to visualize the data. Choosing a camera depends on many things. First, you need to decide how many cameras you need to cover the angles. Second, you need to decide if you want your security inside a building, outside or both. Last, there is the type of camera. There are two choices: Internet Protocol (IP) or analogue. IP cameras are preferred by most companies, due to the higher resolution, connection to video analytics and more. 







 24/7 Streams are crucial in NVR systems and therefore need enough storage for the amount of data they house. The amount of storage you need depends on the quality and lengths of the stream and the amount of time the footage needs to be stored. If you don't know exactly how much storage you need, contact AOPEN via and we'll set you up with one of our engineers for the advice!






Which PCs do you use in Surveillance/Analytics?


In surveillance, there are three main on-premise video storage technologies: DVR (Digital Video Recorders), NVR (Network Video Recorder) and Hybrid. AOPEN offers computing devices that function as Network Video Recorders. NVRs capture higher resolution (with IP camera), can be placed almost anywhere and can be monitored remotely.



DE7600, Netwerk Video Recorder, NVR, Server, Surveillance, Analytics, Security DEV7710P, Network Video Recorder, NVR, Surveillance, Security, Analytics
DE7600 DEV7710P







Video Management System (VMS)

A VMS is the software component in surveillance. It can collect video from the cameras, store the video on the NVR and provide an interface to view live and recorded video. However, video management systems these days do much more, especially when they are an open platform, which allows users to alter functionalities. Most VMS's can do motion detection as well, which means you can set up triggers to only send videos when motion is detected.







Video Analytics

IP cameras of the option to set up video analytics alongside a VMS. This is not just motion detection that triggers the camera for perimeter protection but can be extended to people counting, object detection, facial recognition or analytics, licence plate recognition, heat mapping and more. It all depends on what you want to get out of your surveillance system!

Video Analytics, Surveillance, Security, Heat Mapping






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