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What is a self-service kiosk?


AOPEN’s self-service kiosks feature embedded PCs that are electronic, digital and interactive. Although they cannot be placed instead of an employee, they can go a long way in serving customers and assisting staff by utilising its own POS system and processing orders. Self-service Kiosks can be used effectively in education, entertainment, retail and many more sectors.


Why Choose AOPEN digital kiosks?

  • Easily accessible for customers, improving shopper experience

  • Kiosks are very versatile and can be positioned anywhere, meaning they can be placed in high-traffic areas

  • Relatively cheap and easy to maintain, so business costs are lowered

  • Kiosks can be uniquely designed to fit your specification, providing customers with a unique experience.


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Which industries use self-service kiosks?


Self-service kiosks are regularly used across a multitude of industries:

  • Finance - Making deposits or withdrawals easier for customers 

  • Check-in - Used for customers attending flights, doctors appointments, hotel rooms and anywhere else you may need to check-in

  • Supermarkets - Offering customers faster checkouts

  • Fast food - Streamlines the process of ordering

  • Casinos - Used for slot machines and to recognise customer loyalty


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Components needed for a self-service kiosk


What is needed when building a self-service:

  • An embedded PC or a Panel PC to power the solution
  • A (touch)screen to view the process or order via touch display
  • Depending on the kiosk, peripherals, such as card readers, printers, payment terminals and more
  • The kiosk itself. The kiosk houses the PC, the touchscreen and the peripherals and needs to look appealing to the target audience
  • Interactive content
  • Installation service





Fanless PCs

If you are looking for an embedded PC, you will have a choice between having a system that is with a fan or is fanless. We have seen that fanless PCs have grown in popularity due to the fact that they help to prevent dust build-up - meaning there is a lower risk of the machine needing maintenance. PCs with fans can also be effective, as long as they work to remove excessive heat through the design of the kiosk. If the system can get rid of the produced heat then the PC can run effectively.       



DE3450, Digital Signage Media Player, Industrial PC, Interactive Menu, Digital Advertising DEX5750, Digital Signage Media Player, Digital Signage Content, Digital Advertisement Wb5500-R, OPS, Open Pluggable Specification, Education Chromebox Commercial 2, Chrome OS, CDM Licence, Google, Chromebox, Chromebase, Chromebook
DE3450 DEX5750 WB5500 Chromebox Commercial 2








Panel PCs

Panel PCs combine touchscreen displays and PC systems in an all-in-one display. Panel PCs are commonly used for self-service kiosks, as well as being used for other forms of digital signage. Customers can choose between Panel PCs with or without a fan, although systems that include a fan are generally more powerless. If you are not sure which Panel PC would be best for you, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.  



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What else do you need to set up a self-service kiosk?




Self-Service Kiosk, All-in-One PC, Panel PC, Touchscreen, Self-ordering, Touch Display, Software

Kiosk Software


Kiosk software is intelligently designed to be able to not only display content for customers but also be able to be interactive and responsive. Most of the time, kiosk software requires actions to be carried out following button pushes, orders requested or similar messages being sent from the customer to the business suppliers/employees.


If you are interested in finding out more information about self-service kiosks or kiosk software, you can contact our kiosk software partners.








Kiosk players can be implemented across a wide range of industries, fitting multiple needs. Embedded PCs need to be able to power a payment terminal, play audio or video, and link to a scanner or printer. The versatility of self-service kiosks is one of its biggest strengths and a big reason for its continued rise in popularity.

Even though Panel PCs do not need to power a screen, they also need to be able to the internet and peripheral devices. If you have any questions about self-service kiosks and how to use them effectively, you can get in touch by giving us a call or sending us an email.






Chromebase Mini, Wall Mount, All-in-One PC, Panel PC, Kiosk, Mounts, Self-Service

Self-Service Kiosk Accessories


Here at AOPEN, we are able to supply our customers with a variety of accessories to enhance your kiosks, such as mounts, stands and peripherals. Over the years a number of our customers have seen the advantages of adding accessories to kiosks. For example, a mounted Chromebase Mini can serve building control, or a stand with a Panel PC providing food allergy information kiosk at a supermarket.


Display Peripherals

Whether it is printing a ticket, making a payment for an order or scanning a check-in code for a hotel room, kiosks are used for a variety of applications.



Barcode Scanner, Check-in System, Ticket System, Discount System Fingerprint Scanner, Access Control, Security, Surveillance, Check-in MSR Card Reader, Card Slider, Payment NFC Card Reader, Chip Reader, Card, Access Control, Clock-in, Check-in
Barcode Scanner Fingerprint Scanner MSR Card Reader NFC Card Reader








Success Stories

Read our success stories and learn from first-hand experience how self-service kiosks can have a great impact on business and improve a multitude of different services with innovative tech.



self-service kiosk, wayfinding, mall of America, chromebox commercial 2, touchscreen, display



Find your way in a big mall using contemporary technology. Never get lost again with this Chromebox solution.


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self-ordering kiosk, restaurant kiosk, snackbar, point-of-sale, POS system, quick service restaurant

Self-ordering system


A fanless Chrome OS embedded PC used to power this self-ordering kiosk with a point-of-sale system.


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Check-in system, queueing system, Printer, Panel PC, digital hotel, self-service kiosk

Check-in System


With a Panel PC, the eTILE 19M-FW, this hotel check-in and the queueing system are transforming this hotel into a digital one.


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