What is a self-service kiosk?


A self-service kiosk is a booth that works in education, retail, entertainment, and other applications. Kiosks with AOPEN embedded PCs are always electronic, digital and interactive. A self-service kiosk cannot replace an employee, but it can serve as its own POS system by processing orders.


So why would you choose a digital kiosk?

  • It improves the customer's shopping experience by being accessible
  • Kiosks can be placed anywhere due to their designs, which includes high-traffic areas
  • Reduce business costs
  • Uniquely designed kiosks provide a unique experience that attracts new customers


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Which industries use self-service kiosks?


A self-service kiosk can be divided into more categories, such as self-ordering, interactive kiosks, informational kiosks, wayfinding systems, check-in systems and every other interactive solution that you can think of. In retail, kiosks attract people and can arrange low marketing costs or in the case of a point-of-sale kiosk, they save on extra personnel. In medical or transportation, they serve as check-in systems, payment systems or record keeping.


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Building a self-service kiosk


To set up a self-service kiosk you need multiple components:

  • An embedded PC or a Panel PC to power the solution
  • A (touch)screen to view the process or order via touch display
  • Depending on the kiosk, peripherals, such as card readers, printers, payment terminals and more
  • The kiosk itself. The kiosk houses the PC, the touchscreen and the peripherals and needs to look appealing to the target audience
  • Interactive content
  • Installation service





Fanless PCs

An embedded PC can be a system with a fan or fanless. Fanless is usually preferred due to the prevention of dust build-up, which leads to less maintenance time. However, a PC with a fan can be used just as well as long as the system can get rid of excessive heat via the kiosk design. The most important thing is that the system can get rid of the heat that is produced while functioning.



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DE3450 DEX5750 WB5500 Chromebox Commercial 2








Panel PCs

Panel PCs or all-in-one touch displays are both touchscreen and PC in one system. They can be used for digital signage, but are more often used for self-service kiosks, as they are interactive. Just like embedded PCs, panel PCs come in a fanless form or as a system with a fan. The systems with a fan are more powerful than the fanless, so it depends on the complete solution, which panel PC fits best.



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What else do you need to set up a self-service kiosk?




Self-Service Kiosk, All-in-One PC, Panel PC, Touchscreen, Self-ordering, Touch Display, Software

Kiosk Software

Kiosk software doesn't just need to run content. It needs to draw in customers like digital signage, but unlike digital signage software, kiosk software needs to be interactive, responsive and often needs to translate ''button'' pushes into actual actions. Something needs to be printed or an order needs to be processed or sent to the kitchen or warehouse.


Kiosk software vendors come in different shapes and sizes. Some focus on a specific industry or application and some are broad in offering software solutions. If you want to know more about kiosk software, contact our kiosk software partnersfor more information.







Just like digital signage media players, kiosk players need to be created to fit multiple needs. In the case of an embedded PC, it needs to power a screen, maybe a payment terminal, a printer, connect to a scanner, play audio and more.


Panel PCs are no different. They might not need to power a screen, but depending on the solution, need to be fit for the internet and peripherals. If you want to know which products and ports you need for your kiosk solution, contact us for tailored advice by calling us or sending us an email..






Chromebase Mini, Wall Mount, All-in-One PC, Panel PC, Kiosk, Mounts, Self-Service

Self-Service Kiosk Accessories

To better facilitate your kiosk wishes, AOPEN supplies a number of accessories, such as mounts, stands and peripherals. A number of customers have used accessories in their solutions. Such as a mounted Chromebase Mini, which serves as building control or a stand with a Panel PC that serves as a food allergy information kiosk at a supermarket.


Display Peripherals

As a kiosk is used for multiple applications, it needs to be completed by an action. It can be printing a ticket, paying an order or scanning a code for check-in or gaining access to a room or building.



Barcode Scanner, Check-in System, Ticket System, Discount System Fingerprint Scanner, Access Control, Security, Surveillance, Check-in MSR Card Reader, Card Slider, Payment NFC Card Reader, Chip Reader, Card, Access Control, Clock-in, Check-in
Barcode Scanner Fingerprint Scanner MSR Card Reader NFC Card Reader








Success Stories

Read our success stories and learn from first-hand experience how self-service kiosks can have a great impact on business and improve a multitude of different services with innovative tech.



self-service kiosk, wayfinding, mall of America, chromebox commercial 2, touchscreen, display



Find your way in a big mall using contemporary technology. Never get lost again with this Chromebox solution.


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self-ordering kiosk, restaurant kiosk, snackbar, point-of-sale, POS system, quick service restaurant

Self-ordering system


A fanless Chrome OS embedded PC used to power this self-ordering kiosk with a point-of-sale system.


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Check-in system, queueing system, Printer, Panel PC, digital hotel, self-service kiosk

Check-in System


With a Panel PC, the eTILE 19M-FW, this hotel check-in and the queueing system are transforming this hotel into a digital one.


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