What is Digital Signage?


Digital signage is a digital sign that uses technology to display content such as images, videos, streaming media, or information. It is becoming more and more popular in restaurants, airports or shopping malls, but what is it and what do you need to set it up?


''Digital signage is a sign that uses technology to display its content''


Digital signage can be used for interactive menu boards, digital advertising billboards, video walls, digital surveillance systems and security, and self-service kiosks to display events, information and better deliver customer service.


As an example, a restaurant can use digital interactive menu boards to assist customers in ordering food and drink. In a shopping centre, digital signage can display events, news, customer information or social media feeds.




Which industries use Digital Signage?


Digital signage can be used in a variety of ways, in a number of different industries. From important information at a doctors surgery/ hospital to content for travellers in an airport/ train station - such as the weather, a news feed, transport timetable and more.


Take a look at some of the ways digital signage can facilitate your industry.

Setting up Digital Signage


To set up digital signage for your business, you need several components:


Digital signage media players

Displays & accessories

Digital signage software


Installation service

Digital signage content


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Digital Signage Media Players


A digital signage media player provides integral computing power to your digital sign. Without this key piece of hardware, your digital signage screen or monitor will be unable to display content. Complete your innovative and modern project with AOPEN and browse our range of digital signage media players below.



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DE3650-C DEX5750 DE5900 Chromebox Commercial 3







Digital Signage Displays

A digital signage display can be purchased as a freestanding solution or built-in, perfect for use in outdoor public spaces, restaurants, offices and much more.


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What else do you need to set up a digital signage network?




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Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software is a computer-based, and often a cloud-based program that allows the users to create and distribute content via digital media signs. This content can be played via playback, via a content management system (CMS) or via device management.


Some software vendors also have the option of analysing the audience that watches the interactive content. This content is usually applicable for advertisement, menu boards, in-store promotions or informational content. If you want to know more about digital signage software, contact our digital signage software partners for more information.








Digital signage players come in various shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common is the wide variety of ports. These ports allow you to create a network and set up the foundation of the solution.


You can connect displays, digital signage accessories, other computing devices and more. If you want to know more about creating a digital signage network, read our blog post.

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Digital Signage Accessories

To better facilitate your digital signage network, AOPEN supplies a number of accessories, such as mounts, stands and peripherals. Decrease printing costs, reduce waiting time and make the most out of advertising space by placing digital signage displays strategically in the room.







Success Stories

Read our success stories and learn from first-hand experience how digital signage players can have a great impact on business and improve a multitude of different services with innovative tech.



digital signage media player, electric car, car-charging, dooh, digital-out-of-home

EV Charging


Digital Advertisement built-in an outdoor car-charging station for digital-out-of-home advertisement using the AOPEN DEX5550-W.


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digital signage, education, France, chromebox mini, chrome os, google

Chrome in Education


An engineering school looking to reduce printed material/email and a new solution to inform students of updates and activities.


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digital signage media player, electric car, car-charging, dooh, digital-out-of-home

Display Stock Prices


With a reliable media player and signage, this stock exchange company was able to keep the info up to date on the trading floor.


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Create a Solution

AOPEN manufacturers computing hardware, but that doesn't create a solution.




Hardware & Software Partners System Integrators & Resellers
For a complete setup, you need hard- and software, such as displays and software, depending on the solution you want to create. If you don't know what you need for your solution, contact us for the advice! Buying separate components doesn't create a solution. System Integrators & Resellers are partners that bring together subsystems and ensure that all components function well together.
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